Billy's mother
Full Name Billy's mother
Species Whale
Position At some lake
Appeared Weekly quest
Color Blue
Clothes Items
Related To Billy
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? Yes

Billy's mother is a purple whale that appears to be the mother of little blue whale Billy.She appears in one of the many quests in Panfu - one of them in May 2012.In the 1 month-quest pandas find lost Billy in the sea near Panfu.He is soon transported to the Panfu Lake where he gets help.The main panda who takes part in this quest is Curly the Clown.Pandas find ways to make Billy happy again and soon find out he has a mother and apparently he is separated from her.After a few days they find a way to make Billy's mother come to Panfu - near the Old Harbour. She and Billy soon get together again and sail out in the sea.Before he leaves Curley the Clown gives pandas an award - a window showing Billy the Whale.It is a treehouse item and it's a memory of Billy.

It is said that he might come again in Panfu one day and there will probably be a new quest associated with him.

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