Full Name Bolly
Species Panfu Bolly
Position Pets of Panfu
Appeared N/A
Color Different
Clothes Items N/A
Related To Pandas
Friends With Pandas
Meetable Character? Yes (can be adopted)

Bollies are small and cuddly creatures native to the island of Panfu. They can be currently purchased from the Pet Shop in Panfu (in the City). Their origin is unknown and it is uncertain why and when did they appear on Panfu. Pandas who do not have or own the Gold Package can't buy any bollies at all. But Gold Pandas (pandas who own and have the Gold Package on Panfu) can buy all the kinds of bollies there currently are. The change and look of the bollies hasn't changed since they were first discovered in Panfu.But when a non gold panda reaches Level 13, Smoothie, they get their own Tiger bolly.


Nothing is known much about these creatures except for the following information, provided from the Panfu Team over time:

They are small, soft animals that Penny Panda brought from her journey to South America. They have been in Panfu since 2008.


There are five different kinds/types of bollies known until the present moment in Panfu. Each has its own colour (red, green, blue, pink, black, easter and tiger) and as well as its very own personality.

Description and CharacteristicEdit

The catalogue for purchasing bollies on Panfu (called 'My Bolly and Meprovides the following characteristic and description of the species on the first page:

Bollies are small, friendly pets that are easy to cuddle. They are affectionate and like to chat a lot and love it when a Panda takes care of them.

All pandas with Gold packages can adopt a bolly. Members can adopt up to five of the little creatures in all colours.

There are five different kinds of Bolly, each with its very own distinct personality. In this catalogue, you can read about what characteristics they have, how you can adopt them and how to feed and care for them so they can develop well.

Blue BollyEdit

Character: Is always in a good mood and happy to play.

Favourite pastime: Playing with rockets.

Red BollyEdit

Character: Can sometimes be a bit cheeky, but is also happy to cuddle.

Favourite pastime: Blowing soap-bubbles.

Black BollyEdit

Character: Has an especially strong personality but has a tendency to be in a bad mood sometimes.

Favourite pastime: Going for a walk.

Pink BollyEdit

Character: Is a bit bashful and timid but very lovable.

Favourite pastime: Eating.

Green BollyEdit

Character: Doesn't get irritated by anything but can be a bit lazy.

Favourite pastime: Sleeping.

Care for a BollyEdit

When you adopt a Bolly from the catalogue, go back to your tree-house. It will be waiting for you there. When you click on your Bolly, its player card will appear. A picture of it on the card will show you what mood is it in. Under the picture you'll see three bars telling you if your Bolly is hungry, well-rested or if it wants to sleep. The more green bars present, the better your Bolly feels.

Your Bolly will tell you what it wants but only in Spanish. If you ignore it for a longer time, it may run away.

Different Bolly ColorsEdit

Gold bolly