The City, formerly the Town, is one of the most popular rooms in Panfu. From the City you can access a lot of rooms - except the 3 buildings that are situated here, you can access the Jungle by going West of the City, the Sports Field by going East of the City and finally San Franpanfu by going North of the City.

It has three buildings. One of them is the Ice cream parlor which is located on the left, another one called the Gift shop which is also located on the left and the last one which is the Pet shop - on the right.


The room was formerly called the Town in the beginning of the game. It was opened right at the time the game launched. The room was and still is the most popular room in Panfu as it is the main room where pandas used to be transported each time they logged in some time ago. The buildings in the room have always been there when it first opened.

The only big change of the room so far is the complete renovation of it in May 2010. The room was covered completely for about a month and it was finally ready in the beginning of June 2010. The panda who designed the new town and created it was Manny, the Panfu constructer and builder. The room's name then officially became the City and not only was it renamed on the map, but pandas started calling it by the new name, too.

The buildings' names didn't change and their amount, too. They were just redecorated outside - they didn't change inside at all. There has been no recent change of something in the City as of December 2012.