Where Under Great Hall's cellar, Castle
Opened 2012
Mini-Games N/A
Tour Description

The Darkroom, or simply reffered to as just Darkroom, is a secret room in Panfu located in the Great Hall.The Great Hall is located at the Foyer of the Panfu Castle.

How to get here

The room can be accessed by sitting on the entrance of the cellar at the Great Hall for more than 10 seconds. It is currently available for all pandas.


Many objects can be spotted in the room. Players have reported seeing ghosts, the cow, a lot of spiders and their webs, spying eyes and a mysterious skull. A lot of bats can sometimes be seen in the Darkroom, too.


As on the section "Objects", a cow is mentioned. There is a cow that appears in the room in the room after waiting for a few or so minutes. If you wait long enough you will spot the cow. The cow is said to be the ghost cow that lives in the cow rug at the Panfu Foyer in the Castle.You can throw a water balloon at the cow when it appears. After you throw the water balloon at the cow, it will turn circles around itself and dissapear.

There are many mysteries in the Darkroom that are yet to be discovered. The room is mysterious itself. It is unknown how it appeared on Panfu in the first place.

Exit of the Darkroom

Each panda player can exit the Darkroom by walking to the down left corner of the screen. It is unknown and uncertain why, but when pandas use that exit, rather than using the map they end up at the Cave (the Underground Cave in the Jungle).

That is said to be one of the many mysterious of the Darkroom and many questions appear around this.