Meetable characters
Full Name Ella
Species Panda
Position Blogger
Appeared Unknown
Color Black
Clothes Items Blond hair, lilac jacket.
Related To Max
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? Yes

Ella is frequently counted as the owner of Panfu. She is also is the blogger for the Panfu blog. She is seen on almost all servers and also gives you a piece of your jacket when you first join Panfu. Ella and Max also seem to be lying about their age (12).


Ella first started to find Panfu with Max.Then she started to start a blog with Max . But now she is known for both updating the Pandas on news. In early July 2013, Ella was reported missing because she was abducted by Evron. All the pandas gathered in the Town where Max gave them "missing"-papers which the pandas put up on differen locations in Panfu. As a reward for doing this, and to make it possible for pandas to show theyre support, Max gave all pandas who helped him the Ella Missing T-shirt.

Panfu BlogEdit

The Panfu Blog is a blog that update the Pandas on the latest news on Panfu.They also find out what Ella and Max is up to why they travel the world for the World Cup.

Character TriviaEdit

  • favorite season = Summer
  • favorite color = Blue
  • spouse = Max
  • favorite thing to do = Blog

Panfu ella!!

Ella's Playercard