Meetable but in sprite
Full Name Eloise
Species Panda
Position Pokopet vet
Appeared Plane
Color Black
Clothes Items Wig, shirt, pants, sandals
Related To Unknown
Friends With Kamaria
Meetable Character? Yes

Eloise is the only Pokopet veterinarian she is also a pet lover.


Eloise first appeared on Panfu on the Plane tide up by Bonez with chewing gum you can see this in the Save the Pokopets Quest.


Pokopets are little chianesse animal located right off the coast of China. They where brought over to panfu in the late 2009. Only Golden package Pandas can adopt them but you can get Woody when you complete the Save the Pokopets Quest.

Character TriviaEdit

  • favorite color = Green
  • favorite season = Spring
  • favorite thing to do = play with Pokopets

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