Horst Hering
Horst Hering
Full Name Horst Hering
Species Panda
Position Old Harbour
Clothes Items
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Horst Hering is a panda.

Text Edit

Penny and Lenny! Edit

Speak up, landlubber!

A message in a bottle? Penny? I don't know what you're talking about. Lately I've been fishing out a lot of bottles from my fishing net. Can you imagine? All that hard work, my mouth watering at the thought of tasty fish and all I get are a few bottles! It's just not right. I dropped them off at the supermarket and got a bit of change for the lot. But I think I still have one somewhere...let me check.

Here ya go. Penny can have the bottle. Take it to her so she can read the letter.

A screen shows with the letter:

Dear Lenny,
Why haven't you answered my letters? Did something happen to you? Are you mad at me? I know that I just disappeared that one day without saying a word. I'm very sorry that I hurt you. I like you a lot and would love to see you again.
This will be the last letter I'll write to you.

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