Full Name Lenny
Species Panda
Position Caribbean beach
Clothes Items
Related To
Friends With
Meetable Character? Yes

Lenny is a panda from Palifornia.

Text Edit

Penny and Lenny! Edit

Hands off, buddy! That's my surfboard! By the way, my name is Lenny. I'm from Palifornia. Maybe you've already heard of me. I happen to be the radest surf champion this side of the sea. Who are you?

Whoa, dude, what? You want my surfboard? Only if you do me a favor. I've been looking for my friend Penny. You know her? She's totally boss and pretty, too. We were friends when we were little and spent the days building sand castles on the beach. Then one day she totally disappeared. They couldn't even find a flip-flop, man.

I've been looking for her for forever. Recently, a new buddy of mine, Carl Caruso, said she lived in Panfu. Find her and bring her here and then I'll give you my gnarly board. Caruso mentioned that she loves to read. Is there any sort of house at Panfu with lots of books?

After talking to Penny:

Letters? What letters? I never got a letter from Penny! Believe me, I would have hung ten all day to celebrate. Can you tell her that? Maybe then she'll want to hang out again with me? Go back to the library and ask her, will ya?

After talking to Penny:

Hey yo! I see you've found Penny! Totally tubular! What's that? For me?

I knew Penny hadn't forgotten me! You are totally bodacious, dude. Here's my surfboard! I won't be needing it anytime soon. I'll be sitting around the campfire with Penny.

You get a Surf Board

You complete the quest

Gallery Edit

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