Panfu was a virtual world targeted to kids aged 6 to 13 where you could chat, play games and roleplay.


The development of Panfu, then named "Pandaland" as evidenced by game files and other sources, started in September 2007. The virtual world was fully released in November 2007 and was available only in German. More languages, such as English, were added from 2008 to 2009.

In the first months since launch, the site's userbase was small and there were very few activities on the island. The only rooms available were the town, the ice cream parlor, the library, the jungle, the sportsfield, the swimming pool and the volcano.

When the selection of available languages widened in 2008, Panfu's userbase exploded in size. The game quickly became a European rival to Club Penguin and was the target of several raids by its users.

Panfu began losing popularity in 2013 mostly due to Goodbeans' own actions. The chat of the Polish version was shut down on March 15, 2013 due to a shortage of moderators and possibly also a series of protests organized by Gieniuk - a famous blogger. Soon after, the chats of other language versions followed. By 2014, there were few active users and the servers were shut down in 2016, marking the end of the official version of Panfu. Goodbeans now no longer exists and its former CEO, Verena Pausder, is now the head of a mobile gaming company. She has not expressed interest in opening Panfu again. There are however private servers, such as or, that are still open and that aim to recreate the original Panfu experience.


  • Panfu had a blog which was updated frequently until 2013. The blog was written by Max and Ella, a duo of in-universe news reporters who often got themselves into trouble. Occasionally, other Pandas such as Kamaria also made appearances.
  • Panfu offered 10 different language versions of the game. The most popular of these were (English), (German) and (Polish).
  • A premium membership, Gold Panda, offered special features for those who bought it. Among them were the abilities to buy clothes and furniture, weekly gifts and in some cases the possibility of accessing VIP areas (such as San Franpanfu, when it was still under construction).