Panfu was a safe virtual world where kids between ages 6 to 13 could chat and play fun games.

Panfu had a blog which was updated frequently until 2013, every 1-2 days. The blog-posts were written by the famous news reporters Max and Ella, and sometimes by other pandas such as Kamaria. Panfu offered 10 languages to play the game in.

There was special functions for those who bought a premium membership called Gold Panda. If you bought a Gold-membership you were able to buy clothes and furniture for your panda, as well as having access to exclusive features and getting weekly gifts for your treehouse. Wood-users (non-gold users) could only use the clothing given to them via quests and weekly blog-quizzes.

The story ended when the company running Panfu, called Goodbeans GmbH, started focusing more on the mobile platform and smartphone games. They became tighter with the features you got as a "normal" panda. You could no longer ride cars, and you could not use all the new features you got from leveling up. As the Taunts and Perks.

When Goodbeans at the 27th of November 2014 announced that they closed the chat, the game got more inactive than ever. And it did not get better when they actually closed the chat at the 1st of January 2015. This lead to a massive denial from the pandas, and many people stopped playing. The last day of high activeness in Panfu was at the 23rd of July 2015 when a total of 3.689 people logged from many different countries. In the end of January 2015, Goodbeans applied for bankruptcy. At the 1st of November 2016, the expired, and as it hosted all the game files, Panfu closed for good. The only way to play Panfu after the closure is through Private Servers created by fans of the game. These servers try to mimic the original experience of the game, but often with additional customized features.