FANDOM has been started in October 2016 as an alternative to the original Panfu. After the closure of Panfu, the team started to work on their own server based on Panfu's client.

Currently, the community counts several thousand people. On Facebook, reaches almost 1,500 likes. On Twitter nearly 700 followers and on YouTube more than 1,100 subscribers.

On May 12, 2017, the Open Beta phase of started, which was cancelled on July 4. On August 19, the project was discontinued temporarily.

The Team


  • Badboyyy (Administrator, English)
  • Dati (Administrator, German)
  • Robin (Founder)


  • Adel (German)
  • Louna (German)
  • Madland (German)
  • Yoyo (German)



  • API
  • Blog (wip)
  • Login/Registration
  • Password Recovery


  • Stable servers
  • Membership for free
  • Gifts (weekly, in your treehouse)
  • Timetravel
  • Events


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