Panfu.scratch / Panfu.Mit.Edu Edit

what is panfu.scratch Edit

Panfu.scratch was a parody remake of banfu being made by puttin. It was a parody of panfu with really bad graphics. The prodject is shut down. is a parody remake being made by erik103. It is a parody of panfu with really bad graphics. the game is currently in development but is still playable during mainentance.

Why? Edit

Puttin thought it would be "fun" to make a panfu game when someone posted fake leaks of on the .world discord. when a friend of him came with the idea with making it on scratch he first thought no and wanted to make it with xampp eventually he did agree to make it on scratch. Puttins prodject of .scratch were sadly announced shut down at 12:30 at the 19:th of July 2017. Eriks prodject started at the 18:th of July 2017. The idea came from puttins remake of the game.

first names. Edit


This was the first logo design of panfu.scratch with the name banfu. eventually the logo was scrapped

The first name of panfu.scratch was banfu suggested by someone on the discord. it eventually changed to panfu.scratch to make fun of that some people made their panfu with .me or .world he thought it would be fun. Erik came up with the idea of himself though it is the domain of scratch.

the sprites Edit

Puttin got the sprites from his "designers" they are not real designers so the result are really bad remakes of the panfu rooms except a couple rooms wich puttin really likes, those are normal. Eriks sprites are made by himself, a designer from goodbeans or from other scratch prodjects.


this is the frist room added to the game it was the only one for a while until Puttin made the jungle update adding the jungle.

pets on Panfu.scratch Edit

Panfu.scratc has 2 types of pets. the puffle and the bollys. Puttin wanted to add puffles becuase he thought they were "cute" holding a poll to add them. it eventually was a tie so he added them in. currently it is know that puttin is adding all of the original puffle colors to the game and all of the buyable bollys + the tiger and orange bolly. At there is currently no pets either to buy or find or win. They will be added, but there is still no release date.

want to play? Edit

Panfu. scratch is still playable but has stopped getting updates since 19-07-2017 here is the link!

Play at this link!

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