FANDOM is one of the 3 new Panfu clients that are being currently developed. It will be released in September or October 2017 according to the creator.

It will become the only actively developed client in October or November as Pannun will close and closed on August 19th 2017.

New features Edit

  • Uses a client based on Unity, which allows for playing Panfu on multiple platforms. Unity also allows the game to render many more particles/objects, which will allow for more intense action.
  • New functions such as sound sliders, hiding UI and private instant-messaging
  • Day-night cycle

The above features are confirmed

  • Custom texture packs

The above features are hinted at, but not confirmed staff Edit

  1. Superchristb, creator and programmer
  2. Jabu2, designer
  3. Dawid, translator
  4. Moderators: Gieniuk, Milson, Dawid, Dominik, Jaden, Satoshi, Anna, FluttershyFanboiiii

Former staff Edit

  1. Mo (moderator, demoted on August 4th 2017)

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