FANDOM is one of the 3 new Panfu clients that are being currently developed. It will be released in September or October 2017 according to the creator.

New features Edit

  • Uses a client based on Unity, which allows for playing Panfu on multiple platforms. Unity also allows the game to render many more particles/objects, which will allow for more intense action.
  • New functions such as sound sliders, hiding UI and private instant-messaging
  • Day-night cycle

The above features are confirmed

  • Custom texture packs

The above features are hinted at, but not confirmed staff Edit

  1. Superchristb, creator and programmer
  2. Jabu2, designer
  3. Dawid, translator
  4. Moderators: Gieniuk, Milson, Dawid, Dominik, Jaden, Satoshi, Anna, FluttershyFanboiiii

Former staff Edit

  1. Mo (moderator, demoted on August 4th 2017)

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