Full Name Penelope Panda
Species Panda
Position Library
Appeared Penny and Lenny!
Color Black
Clothes Items
Related To
Friends With Lenny
Meetable Character? Yes

Penny is a panda from Palifornia.

She was a spanish teacher in the early years of Panfu.


Penny and Lenny!

What?! No way! I never want to see Lenny again. I wrote him letters for years and never got one back. I couldn't care less about him! Go back and tell him what I think!

After talking to Lenny:

What did you say? He never got any of the letters? That can't be - I sent them all myself, all rolled up in a bottle. Go to the harbor and ask the fisherman. I'm sure he saw me do it.

After talking to Horst Hering:

Oh no! The bottles containing my letters were caught in a fishing net? Well, I guess I'll talk to Lenny. We have to show him the messages in the bottles so that I can prove to him that I really did write! Go tell him. I'll come in a bit.

After coming to Caribbean Beach:

What a silly misunderstanding. Luckily, things turned out okay in the end!