Professor Bookworm
Full Name Dr. Professor Bookworm
Species Panda
Position Inventor
Appeared Forest Cave
Color Black
Clothes Items Green prfessor jacket,

cane, hat, sideburns

Related To Unknown
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? Yes

' Professor Bookworm' is the most smartest Panda on Panfu he is mostly known for his inventions like the Surprise Machine and the Time Machine.


Professor Bookworm was first seen on the island when he invented the Surprise Machine down in the Jungle Cave. The Surprise Machine was actually the first ever invetion that Professor Bookworm ever made.

Surprise Machine

Every week the surprise machine gives each Pandas on free item like a plant, phone, and statue. Everyone loves the free items that the Surprise Machine gives.

Character Trivia

  • favorite color = ?
  • favorite season = ?
  • favorite thing to do = Invent things